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Witness for yourself all of the challenges your loved one had to overcome to Earn the Title of United States Marine.See first hand why it’s called the toughest basic military training in the world.  Filmed and produced by a Marine Corps veteran, this is an inspiring view into the trials faced by those who want to Earn the Title of United States Marine.

You will be right there with these recruits from the bus ride and the yellow footprints all the way through The Crucible and the day they officially Earn the Title, Graduation Day.  With never before available “point of view” footage, you will see exactly what these young men and women saw when they first looked down from the rappel tower.  See what it feels like to jump into the pool in full camouflage uniform during swim qualification.  This is the most up close and personal view into Marine Corps Recruit Training ever produced.

Watch as these men and women transform from civilians to Marines right before your eyes.  The sense of teamwork and dedication you will see will inspire you and you will have a whole new level of respect for your loved one who has answered the call to serve their Country as a Marine.

It’s the closest thing to being there without enlisting!

Footage from your Marine’s Company – The graduation DVD includes video of the Graduation Ceremony, Motivational Run and Family Day, all from your Marine’s company.

Please note – No international shipping available.

IMPORTANT! Parris Island Graduation Video is available for Graduation Dates starting on November 15th, 2013 and beyond.