Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most common questions can be found below.  We are being silly with some of our answers but they all are based on similar questions we have received, some crazier than others.

We are honored to be able to document this important part of the lives of the men and women who are the future of the Corps.  We work very hard to deliver an amazing product that we are proud of.  We are a veteran owned business and we employ lots of veterans.  A lot of the photos we post are taken by Marine vets or a Marine’s wife, then they are edited and posted by a Marine.

If you still have questions feel free to send us a message, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.  Hopefully some of the answers make some of you giggle a bit.

Starting with 2/22/19 graduation date (and later) we have added a new, upgraded product for free. 

The special package now has VIDEO from EVERY phase of training, all of your Company, including the EGA Ceremony, which is the ceremony after The Crucible when your recruit officially becomes a Marine.  The video is also available as a USB drive which is much higher definition than a standard DVD and allows you to import the videos on to your mobile devices. 

More information can be found here -

The ONLY way to get the photo disk while your Marine is home on leave is to pre-order it online before graduation. There is no other way to view the photos that fast other than online pre-orders.

It can be ordered here -

We are the official Parris Island training photographer and we are not allowed to post photos until after the Crucible, once they are Marines, typically at the end of Training Week 10. Our photos are well worth the wait.

We CANNOT look for photos of a specific recruit or Marine for you.  If we could, we would be spending all of our time trying to do that instead of posting the great photos that we post!

We have to spread our posts out, we can’t post them all on the same day. We will post a lot of photos between EGA weekend and graduation, just watch our page or follow the instructions to search the hashtag below - #MonDDYYYY (so 9/7/18 grad date would be #Sep072018)

We don’t have the final recruit orders until after graduation, you can always wait and talk to your him/her during grad week.

IMPORTANT!!! Please do NOT write your recruit and tell them not to order, we could get in big trouble for that and possibly be prevented from posting on Facebook anymore.  The recruits order different packages than the parents can.  So, if you write and tell them not to order something they will miss out on the yearbook and digital yearbook. 

Almost no recruits order the training photos alone, they get a digital download of them that is part of the yearbook package that ships 90 days after graduation with the yearbooks.

The recruits get the photo "disk" as a digital download that is included in the yearbook package they purchase.  Their orders are processed with the yearbooks so they ship 90 days after grad.  Online pre-orders can be processed locally and you get a physical disk that ships on graduation day so you can view them with your Marine while they are home on leave.  So you have an option of ordering online if you want an actual disk that arrives sooner.  Recruits cannot order a physical disk.

We cannot change your recruit’s order because it is his/her order.  Plus, if you tell them not to order something they will likely not get the yearbook and digital yearbook.  Trying to coordinate your order with your recruit over letters is never a good idea, it's just confusing.  You are more than welcome to wait until you see your Marine at Family Day and choose to order then if you prefer.

The recruits place their orders as part of the yearbook package and the photo disk has always shipped with the yearbooks, since we started the contract.  Yearbooks include photos up to and including graduation, so it takes 90 days to make them. Some parents wanted the option to receive it sooner so we begged for permission to offer it online.  We can produce the small amount of orders we get online locally.  That would be impossible for the recruit orders.  The important thing to realize is that ordering online is an option.  People have the option to order it online for fast delivery and if they want a physical disk instead of just a download. 

Even if we didn't sell anything online at all the recruit orders would still ship 90 days out.  We just added an option for people, we didn't take away anything from the recruit orders.

Your recruits can order the yearbook items around training day 26. Parents cannot preorder the yearbooks online, so if you want to make sure your recruit gets specific items you can write them.

IMPORTANT! The items described below are different from the package offered online. Some people get confused because one of the yearbook packages is the same price as the online package ($59.99), but recruits order the yearbooks and their packages are not available to families online.

  • Anything sold online is a totally separate process from what the recruits buy.
  • Sometimes it can be confusing if parents write their recruits and say they “ordered the package online” and then the recruits don’t order anything, not realizing it’s a different package.
  • Some people don’t even mention their order to their recruits until after the recruits have ordered just to avoid this confusion.

If you want to make sure to get the digital yearbook, which is an eBook version of the yearbook that can be viewed on a phone, tablet or computer and has video of their EGA Ceremony (when they officially become Marines after The Crucible), you can recommend that they order a Package A or Package B. Both of those packages have a printed yearbook, digital yearbook and a download of their training photos is included. The difference between Package A and B is that A has 2 printed yearbooks, so you can have an extra one in case of loss or damage. Printed yearbooks are never printed again so some people like to have an extra, but that is a personal decision. Package A is $82.99, and Package B is $59.99. You CANNOT send your recruits money for these items. However, IF you are able to do so, you can tell them that you will give them money after graduation to cover some of the costs, that might make their decision easier.

IMPORTANT, we are a Marine Corps veteran owned business and this is NOT a high pressure sell, it's okay if you don't want to order. We are providing this information because parents ask about these products all the time. Also, we do NOT allow the recruits to overspend with us. We instruct them that if they want to order more than Package A that they need to come to us and get approval first. Package A should be enough for 99% of recruits. We do not want the recruits to spend too much money on the products that we sell and we never want anyone to order more than they want or need.

Online orders for the photo disks ship on graduation day and typically arrive by Wednesday after graduation, if you don’t have it by then let us know.  The grad videos ship separately 6 weeks after graduation. 

The Marines get the photo "disk" as a digital download that is included in the yearbook package they purchase.  Their orders are processed with the yearbooks so they ship 90 days after grad. 

There are thousands and thousands of photos on the disks so your Marine will be all over the disk.  Check our reviews if you have questions.

Depending on when they are dropped you may want to keep/get the first disk. We take thousands of photos in the first 3 weeks so some people keep the original disk and decide if they want to order the second disk, but we can make any changes you want.  You definitely want to put the graduation video on hold since it will be a different graduation date. 

We cannot split up the photo disks, it would be impossible to keep track of for everyone and it would be against our contract.

We can make changes to your order up until the day before graduation if needed.

Is he the one with the really short hair? Or, is she the one wearing a uniform? Obviously a joke, as stated above, unfortunately we can’t hunt down individual recruits or Marines.

However, you can be very confident that the photo disk will have lots of photos of your Marine.

Same answer, we can’t hunt down individual recruits or Marines. (Hopefully you guys are getting my dry sense of humor in some of these answers by now)

If you want the photo disk to ship on graduation day just get your order in before graduation.

There are thousands of photos on the disk and we can only post a small percentage of them so your Marine will be on the disk even if you don’t see them on the posts. 

Also, you won’t find any photos of recruits on our page, only Marines after they complete The Crucible at the end of Week 10.

Absolutely! If you find a photo that you want to enlarge over an 8x10 you can send us the image number and we will email you a higher-resolution copy of the image as well.

We can't sort by platoon because the recruits all train together. So even if we did have evil intentions to hide your platoon we couldn't do that. 

(I'm being funny here but we actually had a person who was convinced we were not posting her platoon on purpose and she got a bunch of people all upset by posting that there were NO photos of that platoon and we were trying to hide their platoon. Needless to say there were lots of photos of her platoon that had already been posted, but she got a lot of people upset before realizing that...think before you post!) 

We don't take photos based upon who orders. The photo disk will have tons of photos of every Marine on it, but, as stated before, we can't hunt down individual recruits or Marines for you.

Keep in mind these kids look a lot alike.  We couldn't post photos of the same kids over and over even if we wanted to for some strange reason.  A funny story that might help you understand what we are dealing with.  I had 2 different moms arguing that a photo was DEFINITELY her son.  Both were 100% positive it was her son, no doubt in their mind, I wish I had saved the post because it was a really long argument in the comments section of a photo. Finally, a tiny birthmark revealed who it was...and it was a totally different kid, no relation to either of the moms arguing over it. This stuff happens ALL the time.  These kids look a lot alike and very often family members can't even tell for sure if the photo is of their Marine.  Also, don't get discouraged if you don't see your Marine in our posts. The photo disks have THOUSANDS of photos on them and we can only post a small percentage of them, so your Marine will be all over the disk even if you don't see them in a post.

The photo disk is NOT a video, it is a disk full of photos, so you cannot play it on a DVD player.
It's similar to a USB drive.
The disk comes with instructions on the best way to view the photos.
If you don't have a disk drive reach out to us through the contact form on our site or a Facebook message.